Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Renovations - Laminated Flooring

Laying the flooring in the bedrooms..

House Renovations - Concrete Grinding

The concrete slab had to ground back to remove the tile cement, we are puting down a laminated floating floor so it has to be smooth.

House Renovations - Robes

WE closed up the single door robe in the main bedroom and opened it up on the other side into the 2nd bedroom.

House Renovations - Master Bedroom Robe

Building the 4 sliding door wardrobe for the main bedroom.

House Renovations - Removing tiles

Removing more tiles...

House Reovations - Kitchen

I've been renovating my house the past 4 months..
Here are the shots of the kitchen so for, we have just received the cabinets and they are all in, we are now waiting on the benchtop and some of the doors.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good site to check out

Here is a link to a brilliant site I often check for updates, he is a model builder from Italy.
Check out his page at http://kostructor.altervista.org/index.htm

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